Welcome to Hiking My Feelings® Family

Exploring the healing power of nature, environmental stewardship, and personal well-being.

About Us

We are on a mission to improve community health by creating opportunities for people to experience the healing power of nature.

Through a combination of online and in-person programs that support mental, physical, and spiritual health, we create opportunities for people to develop a healthier relationship to self while immersing themselves in their natural surroundings. Every experience we facilitate helps our community build confidence, compassion, and resilience, unearthing a connection to themselves, each other, and the planet.

Three Pillars

All of our programs and experiences follow the three I's of Hiking My Feelings: 

INSPIRATION: Hiking Your Feelings: Blazing a Trail to Self-Love is the story of how hiking helped Sydney Williams heal her mind and body, and serves as the foundation for all of our programming. Everyone has a story, and your story matters. We'll share tips and tricks to help you draw inspiration from the most difficult of life circumstances and find joy in the 

INTENTION: When you find yourself inspired, how do you take that energy and turn it into action? Set an intention. We use the themes and lessons presented in the book to bring intention and awareness to the parts of our story that need reclaiming. 

INTEGRATION: What about when you're ready to make it happen? How do you take the lessons learned and put them into practical application? As we like to say, the awareness is the work. There isn't some healed destination to reach, this is a journey. We're honored to walk beside you as you blaze your own trail to self-love. 

What You'll Find Here

The Hiking My Feelings Family network is the hub for all things education, community, and connection: 

BLAZE YOUR OWN TRAIL TO SELF-LOVE: This is where we lace up our hiking boots and venture deep into the wilderness of self-discovery, embracing an empowering mindset and the practices that will set your heart ablaze. Join Sydney and Barry Williams, your guides and fellow adventurers, as we navigate the rugged terrain of limiting beliefs, scale the mountains of self-compassion, and uncover the hidden treasures of self-acceptance. Together, we will forge a new path, igniting a fierce love for ourselves that will radiate through every aspect of our lives.

COMMUNITY CORNER: Imagine Facebook without ads, your weird uncle, or all the garbage you find in the feed. We're having real conversations with real people, and we can't wait to meet you!

CONNECTION: Making friends as an adult can feel impossible sometimes! Never fear, everyone who is awesome in our life today is someone we met through Hiking My Feelings family. Find an adventure buddy near you, connect with other program and retreat participants, and find deep healing amongst our crew of like-minded and big-hearted adventurers.